Sunshine Award!


Sending love to Tiffany from Mrs. Tee - Love, Life and Laughter for another award nomination!  Earlier in the week she nominated me for the Squirrely Award and now I have a nomination from her for the Sunshine Award!

So the rules for the Sunshine Award are below:

Acknowledge your nominating Blogger
Provide 11 random facts about yourself
Answer your nominating Bloggers 11 questions they provided for you
Pick 11 Bloggers to nominate for this award
Post 11 questions for those 11 Bloggers to answer for you (you can not nominate the blogger who nominated you)

My 11 Random Facts:

  1. I went to Montessori school and skipped Kindergarten
  2. My husband and I met on Craigslist
  3. I have a high end shoe and purse obsession...a pair of Christian Louboutin and a couple different Louis Vuitton's and a Michael Kors are in my collection currently
  4. I switched High School in the middle of my Junior year due to the suicide of a close friend, I couldn't cope with it
  5. I was a cheerleader in my local Youth Association
  6. I used to hate the color pink, now I kind of like it
  7. I'm learning sign language with Hannah for my Father-In-Law who is deaf
  8. I've recently gotten into photography and can't wait to purchase a better camera
  9. I was a Lemur in my Middle School play
  10. My style hasn't really changed, just gotten more it's jeans and a white t-shirt with cute boots as opposed to baggy jeans, baggy t-shirt and reeboks haha
  11. I'm not religious, more spiritual

11 Answers to 11 Questions

  1. What would your dream vacation be?  probably taking the girls to Ireland or Europe when they are older and can appreciate it
  2. If you could go anywhere for a week without the kids where would it be? we just did it haha we just spent 10 beautiful days in Alaska!
  3. What is your favorite "me" time indulgence?  probably getting my nails done, I have to put my phone down and just zone out
  4. What was your favorite subject in High School? English, which is why I enjoy doing my blog so much
  5. What is your favorite dessert?  That's a tie between Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Red Velvet cake (YUM!)
  6. If someone handed your $5,000 with no strings attached what would you do with it?  Probably split it in 1/3's with 2 of those 1/3's going into the girls separate savings accounts then take the last 1/3 and use it for me and hubby to enjoy and I might even take a portion and donate it...karma will come back around
  7. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? No! I hate Christmas shopping, I never know what to get anyone but I should get started.
  8. Do you shop on Black Friday? If not, why? No...well only online but even that's risky because so many people are doing it your computer can crash, I just can't stand the crowds
  9. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Turkey...who doesn't love Turkey on Thanksgiving?
  10. What's your families favorite Christmas tradition?  I think we are actually starting that this year.  For the past 2 years we have been traveling to be with family but this year since Hannah is old enough to get the concept of Christmas I want us to be home.  I want to get everyone comfy PJ's, read a book on Christmas Eve, and watch "A Christmas Story" like I did when I was a kid then on Christmas morning have a good breakfast with opening gifts and a fire in the fireplace!
  11. Have you decided what you will be for Halloween? If not dressing up will you hand out candy?  We will probably do both!  Since Savannah's birthday is about 2 weeks before Halloween and her party is a Cowgirl theme we will probably use the same outfits/costumes for that then go trick-or-treating early and come home and give out candy, Hannah will enjoy giving out candy on the porch.

11 Blogger Nominations

Finally, my 11 Blogger questions

  1. What are you reading now?
  2. Are you a morning person or night owl?
  3. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
  4. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
  5. Do you have any pets?
  6. How many rings normally before you answer the phone?
  7. What's your best childhood memory?
  8. What are some of the different jobs you've had in your life?
  9. Any new and exciting news you want to share?
  10. What is most important in your life?
  11. What inspires you?

There you go! That completes the Sunshine Award! I hope everyone I nominated enjoys this as much as I did!!

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  1. I wish I could take a peek into your must be lovely... :)

    I didn't like pink until I had my Girlies now I can' get enough of it...LOL

    Our Girl scout troop is learning how to say their pledge in sign language...I must admit I am totally lost currently but I'm trying..they seem to be catching it much faster than I am.

    Thanks so much for accepting the Sunshine Award! I enjoyed your answers and can't wait to see everyone else's...

    1. Thank you for nominating me!

      oh trust me my closet isn't too amazing minus those couple of fantastic items. I believe a good pair of shoes or bag can make an outfit from drab to fab!

      Hannah is DEFINITELY catching onto sign language faster than I am!

  2. Thank you so much! This is an awesome award. I'm not religious at all, but I am more spiritual. Loved finding out such interesting things. Craigslist marriage?! Awesome.

    1. I know right? everyone seems like it was weird when we dated off Craigslist but when we got married they were like WOW, that's awesome! You're welcome for the nomination!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on the award and congrats also to all nominated. Well deserved!

  5. Thanks for the nomination! I am so excited! i am soooo a red velvet girl too! :)

  6. Thank you so much for the nomination! Sorry I'm a bit late getting over here but I really appreciate this! Please let me know where you would like our answers to be posted. Hugs, Geena

    1. you can post them on your blog...if you want to do a link back to my page I'd appreciate it!


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