A Room Within My Childhood Home...


with my dad's mom just after I was born...on the screened in porch
I'm going to slightly cheat on this one and pick the screened in porch off my childhood home.  I'm probably one of the few who has a parent still living in their childhood home, my mom still resides in mine.  My parents built the house I was raised in just before I was born, it's beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 level home in a family friendly neighborhood on a fairly quite street...the largest perk of this home is that there is a large open field across the street that can't have anything built on it so we never had any neighbors across the street which made it prime play area for me and friends, even my old community cheer leading practices were done there.  These days we use the screen in porch for lunches or dinners at my mom's house, a place to lay around and let the kids play so they can be inside but outside at the same time.

my dad and me...on the screened in porch
But when I was younger it served a similar purpose, family would come to visit and we would congregate on the screened in porch, many naps, meals and laughs were had in this room attached to our house.  One of my favorite pictures of my dad and I was taken on that porch and most of my 1st baby moments were captured there, my 1st birthday was on the porch as well.  As I grew up it was a quiet place to do my homework or just hang out with a friend after school.  My first break up happened on that porch, my graduation party from high school (I barely made it but I did!) was filled with cake and lots of cards filled with money...I can honestly say I have the most memories on that screened in porch.

with my dad's dad just after I was born while my mom and aunt watched...on the screened in porch
I know one day my mom will move and the house will be gone but I will always have those memories on that porch and maybe, just maybe some little girl will get to live all those memories likes I did there

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  1. These are such beautiful memories...and such a special place. Unfortunately my grandmother had to move from my childhood home but we had a lot of fun times on our porch too. We use to sleep out there on the 4th of July (too bad it wasn't screened in though..I got ate up! LOL) I think that may be why when we look at houses the first thing I look for is a great porch...Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I agree! having a good porch was essential in our purchase of our home...we've got a front one that I want to screen in so bad but maybe I'll do the back :)


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