Week 10: 10 Survival Tips to the Expecting Mom


First and foremost, any and everyone you know can give you advice, you don't have to take it and every story and experience is different for each person based on their situation so anything I have to share is definitely based purely on my own experience both as a first time mom and a 2nd time mom.

Tip #1: Expect the Unexpected! I can't stress this enough...no one and I do mean no one, not even the doctors can tell you exactly what's going to happen from your labor and delivery to your first days, weeks, months even years as a parent.  Again, each person experiences something different.  Be okay with adapting in the moment and taking each day as brand new, babies have a memory of seconds, not minutes, hours or even days.  Every day you get a clean slate to try again.

Tip #2:  Do what you believe is best for your child.  You and only you know your baby, your bond is stronger than anyone else.  I received a lot of flack for a long time about not breast feeding my children however I KNEW that I couldn't give them that type of feeding so I went with what I KNEW would give them the nutrition they deserved and needed.  You have to do what's best for you and your baby and stand firm on it, don't let anyone tell you you are doing it wrong.

Tip #3:  Take lots of pictures!  They are only this small once in their lives, no matter how annoying it might seem to everyone else around you, you will want those memories and one day your baby will thank you for that snap shot (or hate you) but either way they will also have that memory on print.  

Tip #4: Don't Invest in Expensive Clothes.  I mean besides your nursery furniture and car seat don't go crazy on outfits or shoes or blankets. Clothes will get dirty (or outgrown very quickly), so while they are cute they aren't always worth the pricey investment.

Tip #5:  Take help! I mean this one in the most serious manner...if someone offers help, take it! Let your family and friends be there as a support.  I can't tell you how many days I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open but ignored hubby's requests to take a nap while he watched the baby....man I wish I could get those hours back.  Let people cook and clean and help all they can, because when the newness wears off they will back off and you'll be wishing you had those helping hands.

Tip #6:  Take care of your health.  I know this is important in pregnancy but it's vital as a new mom too.  Eat well, get sleep (revisit Tip #5) and take care of yourself because if you aren't okay then baby won't be okay.  This little person depends on you for everything so you have to be at your best to give them whatever they need.

Tip #7:  Get out at least once a day.  I don't care if it's a walk or just sitting on the porch but get out.  Being cooped up in a house is very hard and I know so many new moms are scared to bring their baby out into the world but trust me you have to do it sooner or later so definitely try sooner.  This will also help you with feeling good and positively taking care of yourself.

Tip #8:  Find a mommy and me group.  I can't tell you how vital this one was for me.  None of my friends had kids when I did so I felt really alone in everything I was dealing with, once I reached out to a mommy group it was an amazing feeling to finally have other people who knew what I was dealing with.

Tip #9:  Be in the moment.  Enjoy those moments at bath time or even those little gas smiles after a feeding, you'll never get those back. 

Tip #10: Make time for you and your significant other.  SO IMPORTANT! Not only are you both new parents but you are still partners and your bond needs to remain strong.  It's easy to get wrapped up in all things baby but make time for dates or even small gestures of romance. You'd be amazing at how much easier it is to make it through a rough night of a colic-ridden baby when your partner is there to support you through it rather than upset because he/she isn't getting attention they need as well.

Overall I would say that my biggest tip is just to go with the flow, enjoy it, be in the moment and relish this time, it flies by so quickly, you'll blink and it's gone.  This is sometimes hard to do as a new mom but I know you can!  I hope these tips helped and if you need any additional tips or have questions about anything I'm just an email, tweet or Facebook post away!  :)

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  1. oh #7 is so key! i have been a new mom for 2 weeks now so i loved this post! thanks for sharing!

    1. yes, yes, yes! you have to get out! it's so important! thank you for coming by...I appreciate it!

  2. All of these tips are wonderful. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog, Penny! I'm happy to be following you now as well!

    Desert Momma

    1. thank you! love reading your posts!


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