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I'm SUPER excited about this, last week Amber over at The Bold and Fab Mom and I traded 10 questions and surprisingly everyone loved the idea, so this week we are adding 6 other bloggers into the mix!  This is so great, I'm super excited to see what everyone's Questions and Answers are!

To make things a little easier we paired everyone up and also instead of mentioning everyone there will be links below for each blogger to add their questions and answers from their respective blogs.  This is how the line up goes:

The Vanilla Housewife swapping with Mrs. AOK: A Work in Progress
Get Fit, Healthy Life swapping with Southern Mess Moms

and of course...

I am swapping with the wonderful Mrs. Tee: Love, Life, Laughter

Can't believe this many wonderful ladies wanted to participate in this and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them and their support!

Now onto my questions from Mrs. Tee:

1. Who was your favorite female character/heroine as a kid? I guess I would have to go with Super Woman...I mean she was just so cool and pretty much the only one that wasn't a blonde!

2. What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Is it weird that I didn't really eat cereal? But I guess if I had to pick one it was probably an adult I like the Multi-Grain Cheerios now.

3. Were you the sporty girl or a book worm in high school?  If I had to pick one I was probably sporty, I never DID any sports but I was a team manager with the JV and Varsity Football teams.  When I was a freshman I joined just so I could get to know all the cooler kids haha how lame!

4. Did you walk, take the bus or get a ride to school?  The 1st 2 years of school while I lived with my mom I used to get a ride of her or one of my football player friends.  When I moved with my dad my junior and senior year I had a car so I was cool beans :)

5. Did you ever have a beeper/pager as a teenager?  Oh yeah, do you remember 143 and 911 and 411 and all your friends had a different pager code so you knew who to call back?

6. What was your first job?  I was a service cashier for a car dealership, I remember hating going to work but it got me out of school 3 times a week earlier and I had my own money and didn't have to borrow from my parents as much.

7. What's a weird fact or quirk about yourself that people may be surprised by?  Maybe I've seen too many horror movies but to this day I will NOT look up into the mirror if I'm using it in the dark at nighttime, I'm paranoid to look up and see some gruesome face.

8. What's your favorite color?  It's probably purple, although my husband would tell you black cause I wear a lot of it but I do love purple.

9. Have you ever done an extreme hair style change?  OMG, yes and never again!  February (not this past one but 2012) I did the pixie cut...big mistake.  Oh well hair grows back and now it's back at my shoulder so I'm happy but NEVER AGAIN!

10. Would you ever go bungee jumping?  I'd probably jump out of a plane before bungee jumping but given the opportunity and my husband was with me I'd probably do's on the bucket list but I'm too scared to die and leave my kids mom-less.

Great questions!  Thanks Mrs. Tee!

Please check each and every one of these awesome ladies out!  They are so amazing!

Real Housewife Of Caroline County

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  1. Love it! This has been so much fun already!! The beeper! AHHH I so remember that!!

    1. I think it's great cause we get to know a little more about the people we interact with so much! love it!

  2. This is an awesome idea! As for Q2, I never ate cereal as a kid. I thought it was gross. Now as an adult, I have cereal a couple of times a week, especially Multi-grain Cheerios, they are awesome!

    1. yeah I never ate it as a kid either but now and again as an adult I do if it's in the house! love your Q&A!

  3. Anonymous8/18/2013

    LOL! You must be around my age! We definitely had pagers at the end of middle school and going into high school! It was the coolest thing to put i love you or i miss you on them too. :)

    1. I know...143 and all those codes, you had to carry a piece of paper to remember them all!


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