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I'm back folks!  Well at least for this week.  Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair asked me a couple weeks ago to exchange questions with her and I'm so glad I did!  Courtney came up with some very creative questions and was so easy to work with.  For those who don't know.  I created #AskAwayFriday quite some time ago but have stepped away from it to focus on my blogging and family.  I've missed it and I'm so glad I have a chance to come back for the week.  Courtney is an NFL wife so now in true NFL style, let's get into kickoff!

What has been the best unanticipated gift blogging has bestowed upon you? Friendship. I know it sounds corny but I have loved the connections and relationships I’ve built. I have some bloggy friends that I’ve Google chatted with and we stay in contact via text or Facebook messages. They were some of the most excited for me when I found out I was pregnant again!

Now the flip side: And what has been the greatest annoyance? Sometimes the companies can be annoying. When they email you back weeks or months later asking for “no follow” links. Or those companies who have offered me “awards” to post on my blog but if I take it down due to space they complain. But I guess it all goes hand-in-hand, right?

Describe your marriage in three words. Perfectly Imperfect? My husband and I are not two people that anyone would have “paired” together but we work. We are great opposites for each other!

Describe your current pregnancy with one word. Memorable. Not exactly memorable in the way that there’s been a lot to remember about it but more that I’m taking the time to document it. More than I did with my others. With my girls I did take pictures and was excited but with this one, maybe because it’s my last, I’m obsessed with documenting it. My husband joked there’s been “photo shoots” at our house or out and about every weekend, and it’s probably true. I’m obsessed with remembering this part of my life…my last pregnancy.

Name – and briefly characterize – an interesting yet little known fact about the town you live in (i.e. a tradition, something its residents are known for, etc.) I legit live in a one stop light town! I know! The biggest thing to happen here in a long time is the new McDonald’s.

This pregnancy is your third, so I’m sure you’ve got this whole pregnancy/motherhood thing down pat. Ummm…yeah…not really? Haha. With my girls, my pregnancies were complicated but with this baby boy it seems to be a breeze. Although I just hit that 29 week mark where you start to get uncomfortable and moving around is just annoying. We have like 71 days until little dude is here and SO much to do! So I’m assuming October is going to be my “nesting” mode. It’s hard chasing two toddlers while pregnant and my patience runs thin but everyone is doing their best and that’s all I can ask for.

But do you have anxiety about anything, big or small? I personally suffer from an anxiety disorder. I get anxious very quickly and get worked up even faster. I was on medication for it before I was pregnant but I’m not on it while pregnant so things can go crazy pretty fast. In general, I have anxiety about not being in control or having a plan. I’m a big planner, especially with all these kids. I have to have idea about how life is moving forward.

What was the absolute best thing you and your family did this summer? A couple things come to mind. While the “trip” part of it wasn’t so fun (lots of tantrums), taking the girls to the aquarium was fun. I loved having them our communities 4th of July parade. Recently, taking the kids to see their baby brother on the sonogram was a big deal. Then of course there was the time this summer my husband and I took a road trip to see family, just him and I…that was a blast!

What is your favorite wearable scent (i.e. a perfume, body wash, or lotion, etc.)? I bounce back and forth. Sometimes I like a floral scent and sometimes I like a clean fresh scent. If I had to name one, I’m obsessed with the cologne I got my husband “Aqua Di Gio”…it’s just so yummy smelling. Especially on him. For myself I like scents like “Michael Kors” or “Miss Dior Cherie”. Winter Candy Apple from Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite scents going into fall and winter for body wash.

Given the name of your blog – and your interest in reality shows – I have to ask the following question: 

Which of Bravo TV’s Real Housewife franchises is your favorite? And why? That’s hard. I just did a TAG on this on my YouTube channel not long ago. I’d have to say it’s a tie between Real Housewives of Atlanta (when Kim was on it) or Real Housewives of New York City (when Bethanny and Jill were on it). The newer versions of those series aren’t as good in my eyes. For me, it’s all about the chemistry and people living the “reality”.

What’s your favorite blog post of all-time (to date) and why? (And, please, by all means, share the link!) Recently, it was the post where I shared some of my maternity photos. Anytime I’ve shared about my marriage in Vegas has also been a highlight, since people really seem to love those. Giveaways are always fun. Hell, all my posts I like but I do think there are some I’d remove but then what fun would that be?

Thank you so much to Courtney for her awesome questions!  Make sure you stop by her blog and all the others (including the new hosts) and see all the awesome facts you can find out about some of your favorite bloggers!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. I. Love. These. Replies.

    It was an honor and a privilege to swap with you this week, my friend, and I am so glad our bloggy paths have crossed. I wish you blessings and the very best of everything with the rest of your pregnancy with Little Dude...and beyond.


    p.s. I, no lie, wrote an entire paper for my Communication 101 class about Aqua Di Gio, and I, too, long for the return of Bethenny and Kim on their respective Housewives franchises...

    1. I love Aqua Di Gio! So glad that we exchanged!

  2. Welcome back Penny (even if for a pop in post.. :D) You guys had a great swap! I had a similar experience with a company with links except they DIDN't want me to use No Follow...for me that meant No Deal...it just seemed suspect LOL

    I LOVED your maternity photos...I think that is the one thing I regret in my pregnancies - I never had a maternity shoot and for the last 3 we were military, moving and just never focused enough. I don't see any future opportunities (this shop is closed) but living through yours has been fun :D

    Love Ya...I miss our chats! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you about the photos...I loved them too! Miss our chats too...we need to schedule one before the baby comes :)

  3. Woo-hoo! It was so fun to see you do a swap! I love that you described your marriage as Perfectly Imperfect! I am so glad your pregnancy is going well!

    1. Thanks fo the love and stopping by!

  4. Wonderful swap! It is so fabulous having you back, even if it is only occasionally! I love that term, "Perfectly Imperfect" that is just about how I describe my whole family! LOL! That is so wonderful that you were able to have the kids with you to experience the sonogram, what an experience! Have a great week, Penny!


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