The No Birth Plan, Birth Plan


Sample Birth Plan: Courtesy of The Bump (click to download PDF)

It’s not a secret that cesareans are “easier”. Yes, the recovery sucks but in all honesty those who chose to or have to have this type of birth are given an exact date. We don’t have to sit around waiting for a baby to pop out or go into labor. For the most part, we can plan everything in advance.

Now, my 1st birth plan didn’t include a c-section but guess what, it happened and I dealt with it. And to be honest every birth after that has been nice because I have a “date” to look forward to. I don’t have to guess when he or she will arrive. I can schedule hair appointments and carpet cleaning well in advance to make sure I’m covered. Heck, even my hospital bag can be put off a little longer because I know when I’ll be heading to the hospital so I can pack a day or two in advance.

The only part that sucks about the no birth plan, birth plan is that I don’t have that excitement that some new moms get to experience. Now this time around my c-section is schedule for a lot later than my previous. Mostly because my pregnancy has been so good this time around. They’ve scheduled me for about 39 weeks which is roughly two weeks longer than my previous pregnancies have gone. There are always factors that could push that date up but chances are if it happens I’ll have more than enough time to plan for it.

While I can find myself yearning for the “vaginal” birth experience, I’m not sure I’d change to it after already having two cesareans. You can control certain aspects of your surgery like your doctors and the time of day but surgery is surgery and it’s pretty straight forward. If you’d like some reading on natural birth or the vaginal kind of delivery you can totally check out these birth plans!

What was in your birth plan? Did it change and if so was it for the better or worse?

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