Pregnancy Update & Check List!


We are so close you guys! It's been such a process of feeling like I've been pregnant forever, but I guess that happens when you find out at like 3 weeks ha!

It’s time to start buckling down and “nesting”. The remaining things we needed to schedule them closer to Trip’s potential due date (November 21st) as possible. Speaking of due date, that's exactly 58 days away! Eeep. I may have him sooner so we really do need to get cracking because it can be as little as 44 days before we meet our little man!

As for an update with me, I'm feeling a lot of pain and aches all throughout my body but mainly in my pelvis and lower back. This last trip out of town for a family wedding really took it out of me. I loved seeing family but between the kids, the plane rides and getting sick on the way there and back I was so ready to come home it was ridiculous. But then I got home and realized how much there still is to do. I have a baby shower in two weeks my sweet friend is throwing me and then there’s family pictures and of course we have to get the girls into the same room and start Caleb’s nursery. Busy, busy, busy!

Okay, enough rambling. I’m trying to figure out how to manage the blog once little man makes his arrival so stay tuned for those updates but trust me there will be a lot more to come before then! Have a great week everyone! xo

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