Family of Four to Party of Five


The truth is good, bad or indifferent these are the last weeks we have as a family of four. There was a time when it was just three of us and before that just my husband and me. However, the ending of this specific chapter, just us and the girls seems more bittersweet. More changes have to happen.

Hannah and Savannah will be transitioning not just into the same bedroom but into new roles as siblings. Hannah is used to being a big sister but being a sister to a brother will be new but obviously very exciting for her. Savannah will struggle; I’m sure with becoming a middle child. I will struggle most of all with how to balance all of the needs for my children in the coming weeks and months. Nobody said these transitions would be easy on any of us but whether we are ready for them or not, they are going to happen.

This is why I really want to take the time to remember and spend all the moments we can as a family. I want to spend the next 50-some odd days enjoying these two little girls just as much as I can. I want to pick pumpkins and run them through corn mazes. I want more family movie nights after family dinners. I want to listen to every word they have to say because I truly know that sadly, as bad as it sounds, I will have a ton of my attention taken away from them when this baby arrives.

I’m going to miss it being just the four of us (yes, I totally just sang that like the Will Smith song), but the addition of a brother and son will bring forth so many new and amazing journeys. But until he arrives I’ll try to keep living in the moment with them and crossing my fingers that I don’t lose my sanity when we change from Family of Four to a Party of Five.

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  1. It is hard to have a party of five but totally doable. Spend as much as time as possible making memories but the baby will be great. You will be a pro and a great boy mom!!


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