32 Weeks & 8 Hours in Labor & Delivery!


Yo, yesterday was bat shit crazy! Here I am thinking it’s going to be an easy 32 week appointment/checkup followed by a hospital tour…ummm NAH!

It started off that we were running a little late for our appointment since my husband was joining me so I kind of booked it into the doctor’s office. I did the typical pee in a cup (that’s way too damn small) then headed back for my weight. I’d lost three lbs since my last visit about less than two weeks ago. Red flag #1! Then you go into that small, tiny, annoying room to wait on your doctor. The nurses are great and I love them but the second she looked at my blood pressure I knew there was some shit. So with my first two pregnancies I’ve suffered from preeclampsia and high blood pressure.

This pregnancy it hasn’t been an issue, all my levels have been great. I really thought it was smooth sailing. I mean by now I probably should have been into Labor & Delivery (L&D) with my other pregnancies a number of times. Most of my pressures for this pregnancy have been 118/70 or in that range so pretty healthy. Nope, not yesterday. Yesterday it hit 140/80 and the doctors went crazy! Immediately the doctor came in and said she didn’t like my pressures or the small side in my pain. She was worried that it was my liver. So instead of taking a guided tour of the hospital like we had planned later, we were headed over for the VIP treatment. Straight to triage to be monitored. That’s when the shit popped off!

We get to triage. I get a room. I get a gown on and the shit hits the fan folks. I’ve got two or three nurses and then bursts on of the doctors from my group. The first time you are hooked up to those damn monitors and blood pressure cuff the first readings are ALWAYS high. At least in my experience. The doctor comes in and I’m like 152/100, so I’m obviously elevated from when I left the doctor office like 40 minutes prior. Then my pressures starting really going up like 162 to 185/115. I attribute a lot of that to the doctor riling me up over talking a c-sections so early.

The doc immediately wants to order me Magnesium, high blood pressure meds through my IV and steroids to speed up brain and lung growth. I’m not kidding here! So the nurses were on my side. They could tell I was freaking out. I mean the doctor is talking at delivering my baby at 32 weeks. WTF? My next two blood pressure readers were NOT good. I mean stroke level. However, my husband attributes a lot to that towards the fact that the damn blood pressure cuff only kept going off whenever the doctor came in and started getting me riled up about NICU procedures and all this craziness. I just needed a minute to breathe. I could appreciate that the doctor wanted to take care of us but damnit I wasn’t having a baby today.

After getting admitted, ending up in a room, going downstairs for what felt like a five hour ultrasound on my baby and my legs to rule out issues of blood clots or fluid problems I was just over it. All my labs were coming back fine minus some bacteria in my urine but I have bad kidneys so that’s par for the course with me. There was no medical reason that I could see for a delivery of Baby Caleb last night. Thankfully everyone but the doctor agreed with me.

After a lot of begging, talking with my husband, nurses and google I told the doctor I was going home for the night. I would make all appropriate doctor follow up appointments today and I would at home monitor all my pressures and collect urine for 24 hours. The doctor wasn’t happy but it seemed to pacify her enough. So today, I’m wiped out. Concerned about my baby. Juggling who takes my girls when so I can get to all these appointments I have to make and peeing in a jug. Fun, right?

The bottom line is that I now believe I’ll have to fight tooth and nail to keep Caleb inside me until 37 weeks. I’m hoping this incident was a one-time fluke but something tells me good ol’ preeclampsia is rearing her ugly head and fast this time around. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait to meet Caleb but can we let him cook for another 4-5 weeks please, doc?

Thank you to everyone who saw my Facebook post and commented. To those who emailed or texted, I truly appreciate us being in your thoughts. To my family who continues to be a great source of support and help when a situation like this arises, I couldn’t be more thankful. And finally, to my husband, who through the eye of chaos can always calm me, talk to me rationally and be my words of strength and protection…I love you!

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  1. OMGoodness girl! I have had a C-Section scare with my youngest daughter because they thought she was too big and I begged like a baby...so glad you are home and I'm praying you make your 37 week mark. {{{hugs}}} xoxoxo

    1. it was very scary and overwhelming so I'm just glad we got to go home! I'm going to push the longer I can be pregnant the better!


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