Dear Savannah...You're 2?


Dear Savannah, 

You’re 2? How did that happen? It feels like you’ve been with us forever. It seems as if it took a lot longer for you to get to this place than it did for your big sister. Maybe that’s because it feels like you’ve always been with me in my heart.  Our connection is undeniable and you truly are "my daughter".

While you are in the midst of becoming a middle sibling, I have learned to see how truly amazing and beautiful you are at this age. It took you less time to crawl, to walk and talk. You’re vocabulary is immensely bigger than your sisters was at 2 years old. I attribute a lot of this to trying to keep up with your sister but I wouldn’t have you any other way. You are amazing, strong-willed and incredibly sweet. You are absolutely a momma’s girl and I love it.

Your laughter is infectious and the love you have for your sister and daddy makes my heart swoon. I know that you will be a great big sister to your brother, even if you beat up on him a little here and there. I love watching you grow each day and find amazement in the world and all its wonders. You have a true curiosity and zest for life, which you got from your daddy. Something I hope you never lose.

While your 2nd birthday is followed closely by the birth of your brother, you will always be my baby. You’re my little girl. We’ve never been apart and I love you more than anything I could possibly imagine. I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow, learn and discover who you are. I will always encourage your fearless nature and be here every time you fall and need a big hug and kiss. I love you my sweet girl and I wish you nothing but the best birthday. But to be honest, if you decided to stay small forever I wouldn’t mind at all. Just don’t grow up too fast…mommy’s heart can only take so much!

Love always, forever, to the moon and back,

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