Baby Check List & Vlog: 36 Days & Counting!


Are we really 36 days from my due date?  And that's just my due date...that's not actual real time when Caleb will come.  That means it's even less!  While I've accomplished a lot, I still feel like I have a tremendous amount to do before he arrives.  There's twice weekly doctor appointments, monitoring and at least one or two more trips into Labor & Delivery before he is actually born.

Each week is another guessing game for Caleb's due date but it looks like my Perinatologist will be the ones who dictate that.  Right now we are just trying to get to 37 weeks along, which is only two weeks away but he could arrive earlier than that if these contractions keep up.  I kind of doubt we will even make it until the girls are scheduled for their sibling class.  If we make it to Halloween I'd be happy.

I didn't cross off the Hospital Tour because we missed it due to being sent to Labor & Delivery.  Getting my hair done isn't as much a priority as getting at least a pedicure before little man arrives.  The hospital bag for David & I still is being packed then re-packed weekly and I still have to finish up the gifts from Caleb to his sisters.  I'll be sharing those on the blog as soon as they are done.  Last but not least will be completed tomorrow with a blog post this week *hopefully* which is Caleb's nursery.  It's still being worked on and I have to print out the art work but it's 95% completed and we absolutely LOVE it!  I can't wait to share it!

Slowly but surely we are getting there...each day is one day closer to being a Party of Five, until then I'm just trying to relax, keep myself cool, calm and collected!

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