5 Things I WON'T Miss About Pregnancy!


I’ve yet to meet that elusive woman who “loves” pregnancy and all its wonderful miracles (can you hear the sarcasm?). Most I meet hate being pregnant. Either the 1st trimester was nothing but sickness or the 3rd trimester was so uncomfortable. Since this is my final pregnancy I tried to enjoy it at much as possible but I’m just over it. Here are five things I definitely won’t miss about pregnancy and being pregnant!


Yup, that’s right, I’m digging right into the nitty gritty. Sure I’ll have to deal with them just after the baby comes if I have a bad bowel movement but I never had them except for when I’m pregnant. I had them more this pregnancy than any other and they are painful, annoying and uncomfortable!


Again, I’ll have to deal with it after a big meal or enjoying some pizza post-baby but the nightly heart burn or even the need to constantly have TUMS on me won’t be missed. I really should have bought some stock in TUMS the way I went through them with my three pregnancies.

Uncomfortable Intimacy with my Husband 

There might be women out there who enjoy sex during pregnancy. I am not one of them. I’m most looking forward to getting that physical intimacy back with my husband in the bedroom. We had a lot of fun making the baby but now with the addition of knowing I can’t get pregnant again due to sterilization we can have a lot more fun in that department. After my c-section heals up obviously!

The Inability to Move 

I’m not a fan of bed rest and I’m not a fan of having a hard time getting up from my own couch. The thought of being able to move around and run with my kids again makes me very happy and is something I’m looking forward to.

Non-Stress Tests 

Hell, Perinatology in general and all the doctor appointments I won’t miss. While I know the new baby and myself will have appointments over the coming weeks to check on us they will be a heck of a lot less frequent then they were when I was pregnant. I won’t miss non-stress tests and people poking and prodding at me. They only part of the NST I will miss is seeing and hearing little heart beats but guess what…I got a better prize…the actual baby!

What are the things that you don’t miss about pregnancy or is there something you do miss?

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  1. Anonymous10/27/2014

    After both births, I really reveled and enjoyed going to urinate...and having a substantial amount of urine come out. It was sooo empowering to be able to hold in so much pee again. :)


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