A Camo Shower for Baby Triple C!


I was really blessed today to spend time with some good friends at my baby shower.  It may not have been a raging, crazy party but it was perfect and calm.  Just what I needed to keep my blood pressures down while celebrating this new baby boy entering our lives, maybe sooner than we expected.  The camouflage event thrown by my good friend Michelle was gorgeous!  I knew when Michelle offered to do my shower she would put a ton of love and herself into each piece and she truly did.  From the hand made signs to the thoughtful food she pulled from my own Pinterest

When Michelle offered to do my shower she gave me exactly two options for it's theme.  One was chevron and the other was camo.  I of course chose the camo in nod to my husband who's been obsessed with it since we found out this baby was a boy and Michelle fit in camo wherever she could!  From little note cards to paper napkins and decor it was just all so beautiful and I felt very touched that she took the time and effort she did to give me a wonderful afternoon.  Thank you Michelle if you are reading this!

The foods were super yummy!  I love that it was all breakfast or brunch type foods with sweets on the side.  I don't know where she found the recipe for the salami bites but I'm definitely making those for football games!  The berry parfaits were super delicious and the camouflage cupcakes with different flavors like snicker-doodle were the sweet touch I needed for my sweet tooth.

I loved the outdoor area on her porch with the bales of hay and the camo blanket.  It was just all too cute.  However, the piece de resistance for me was the amazing "Oh Deer" sign at her front door before you entered!  

My friends and family showered Baby Trip with wonderful gifts for his nursery and his wardrobe.  We are doing a Monsters, Inc. themed nursery so there will be more to show from the shower when we do that reveal (working on it now).

The baby shower to celebrate our little man was perfect and I couldn't have asked for better people to be by my side and celebrate with!  I'll definitely be having camo dreams tonight!

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  1. That is an awesome baby shower theme! Perfect for fall! <3 If I ever get blessed with a baby boy one day, I will have to remember this! Great job!

  2. How sweet! I love the name "Trip"- so cute! I'm so excited for you, Penny!!
    I adore Monsters Inc. so I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    xo Always, Abby


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