Levels of Motherhood


I like to think that I’ve “been there, done that” and in all honesty I probably have. Sure, I haven’t dealt with colic but damnit I’ve seen all these levels in some aspect and thought I’d share my insight.

The Not Quite There Yet

These are the most annoying. Hell, I was probably annoying. These are the ones who run around on statements like “my kids will eat organic” or “I’ll never allow my children to act like that in public”. Oh please! Stop smelling your own bullshit. Kids are kids and babies are babies and you are in for one hell of a ride if you think you will get them to do everything you want.

The Only Child Syndrome

Just stop! Just stop talking about your baby all the time! We get it…he/she is your life, your joy, your precious bundle but damn there are other people in the world. If you continue to act like that you will lose all your friends (if you haven’t already) because it gets exhausting. Again, I’ve been there and I learned quickly when I was talking to people, they didn’t mind hearing about my baby but they didn’t want it to be the only topic of conversation.

The Second Time Around

I feel like this is the best mom. She’s “been there”, she’s probably “done that”. She realized that when she waited to give #1 sugar until they were at their first birthday, it won’t kill #2 if it happens a little earlier. She’s usually the master of her domain. This doesn’t mean she has it all figured out but for the most part the kids are well behaved and she’s smart enough to plan in advance for moments of temporary insanity. This mom can multi-task talking about her kids but also holding conversation with regular adults.

The Outnumbered

This is the “minivan mom”. This is the life I live. While I haven’t had my 3rd (yet, due in November) I’m well prepared for what’s coming my way. This part of my life, for the next year at least, is going to mean limited time away, brief nights without sleep and at times ignoring a child or two to care for another. I’m not going to lie, three is my absolute limit but now I have even more of an excuse to burst in with my bits of parenting advice! Trust me, the outnumbered mom really has “been there, done that” and more! We buy the cheap diapers and are perfectly fine with hand me downs…and guess what? It won’t kill our kids!

There are multiple levels of parenting and motherhood in life. From newborn to toddler and beyond, every single one of us will witness, experience and deal with different stages and that’s okay. There’s no perfect way to parent or perfect way to do it. Do what works for you and roll your eyes at anyone who says different! Or in my case toss up the middle finger, especially to those from the 1st category who have no clue what they are getting into.

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  1. I am totally the outnumbered! I think I've seen them all. With a daughter in college, one in high school, one in elementary and a toddler, I can surely say I've almost seen it all. Been there and most definitely done that. :)

    1. I agree! You have seen it all! You've been great for mommy advice :)

  2. I am also an outnumbered mom. I have one in preschool, one starting preschool next year, and one who turned 2 today.

  3. I'm the outnumbered every other week when my step-kids come over and let me tell you, that's when I am at my best. When I only have 1, I get bored and have no idea what to do! :)

    1. haha...yeah when I had 1 this weekend I was like "whaaaat?"...I had forgotten what it was like!


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