Happy Birthday Baby Muffin!


the last few hours have been incredibly difficult for me. when people tell me not to be emotional about my babies growing older, i don’t like it. just enjoy it, they say. well of course i am enjoying it. i’m enjoying it best i can.

hooray! you are 2! i will say all day long today! and i’ll be happy and proud of my little girl and show her off and feel excited! but this birthday also comes with a big lump in the back of my throat. it’s just hard to accept that we’re already here.

i thought the first year flew by with hannah, but the second year? it’s like the speed of light. i’m not ready for this day to come! wait! my baby! stay a baby! i’m just not ready….but july 19th is here, and you, my love, are two!

so hannah, my sweet little miracle who is my cuddle bug and big girl and beautiful baby, i cannot tell you how much i love you. how much you make this family feel complete. how much you mean to me. thank you for bringing so much joy into our family. thank you for giving me so many hugs and cuddles and kisses throughout the day. thank you for being so easy going and happy. thank you for being patient with me. and with your dada and sister, too. thank you for making me want to be a better person and mama every single day.i cannot believe we are here. it feels like yesterday you were born. i am so proud of you! happy birthday, baby girl! I love you, mama.

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