Fun Trip to the Fair!


On Thursday we went to our local County Agricultural Fair, these are fairs mostly centered around 4-H and animal/farm life.  There were some fair games and rides which we also enjoyed!  As we parked we ran into another couple that we are friends with and their 1 year old son so it was nice for the girls and us to have some company.   

When we entered the fair there were Camel rides, trust me…I really wanted to take H but I figured it might have been a little too high for her so we wandered over to one of 3 petting zoos, this one you could give carrots to the animals.  They had 2 wallaby’s, a mini pig, a huge bunny, 3 tortoises, a whole lot of goats, baby goats, sheep, there was 1 donkey, a baby camel and all kinds of crazy reptiles including snakes.  Hannah loved being able to feed and pet the animals but she really fell in love with the goats (which is more reason for my husband to keep asking me for one…thankfully our HOA does not allow them).  

After that petting zoo we walked over to the barn animals that were entered through 4-H and the local farms.  Baby cows, an exhibit showing the life of a baby chick from egg to 4 weeks old (was very cool), a whole bunch of hens and some of the biggest pigs and cutest little piglets I’ve ever seen!  These animals were a little less “touch” friendly because they are farm animals and not petting zoo animals but Hannah loved seeing the cows or “moos” as she calls them.

What trip to the fair isn’t complete without a food truck or fair food?  We had hot dogs, steak and cheese, French fries, sweet tea…you know…all the GOOD stuff :)

Hannah got the opportunity to play a couple of the kids fair games (which were all “every kid wins, every time”)…Hannah loved playing the fishing game with daddy and she picked out her own “moo” as her prize!  We also watched the pig and duck races which were fun and very loud!

The best moment of the day for me however was taking Hannah on her first pony ride.  I wrote a small MOMent blog here for you to read all about that.  

All in all we had a great couple hours at the fair and boy were the girls pooped from all the fun and movement and excitement that came with the day!!

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  1. This looks like something my kids would have enjoyed. Sometimes I wished that we weren't city folks. All the fun to be had is in the country. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah it gets boring sometimes but things like this make it worth it!!

  2. Wow! Looked like fun! Glad the girls enjoyed themselves :)

    1. It was!!! H loves animals so the petting zoo was her favorite part :)


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