A small MOMent


Today I had a happy but emotional moment with Hannah who is getting ready to turn 2 years old...

When I was 2 my mom stood next to me while I took my first pony ride at a fair, today I had that same opportunity with Hannah.  I knew I was excited for it but I don't think I realized until I was in the moment how truly special and unique it was and that I also realized how special that moment probably was for my mom.

As we grow up I don't think we like hearing "you're just like your mom" but in so many ways we really are and today I realized how much I really am like her.  This moment at 2 years old for me impacted my future in riding horses as a hunter/jumper and for so long I wanted that for my girls to experience the same joy I did with horses.

Hannah was a little scared at first as I'm sure I was but as soon as she knew mommy was right there it was just fun, she was smiling and even said "NAY, NAY" a couple times during the ride...this is definitely not a moment I am likely to forget anytime soon (if ever) as I'm sure it's the same for my mom!

Me & my Mom - Me & Hannah

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