The Dog Days of Summer


Growing up I didn't have a dog and to be honest I think I missed out on a lot, the responsibility, the bond that animals provide and the joy they can bring to a child's life, that's why it was essential to me that we have dogs in our household for our girls.  Everyone told us we were crazy when we found out that we were having Hannah to be getting a dog, a Pit Bull furthermore but David and I were under the mentality of "if we can't care for a puppy together, how can we raise a kid together?", so we started our search to find a new puppy.

I honestly just remember being at work and responding to craigslist ads for pit puppies, ranging from VA to WV to MD.  The first one to respond was this lady who said she was affiliated with a rescue but they were moving and couldn't bring their dogs (should have been flag #1) and she had some pit/rottweiler mix pups that were 8 weeks old.  When David got home that night I showed him the photos she had sent me, it was like 5 PM and we jumped in the car thinking "if we don't like the puppy we don't have to get it" spontaneous of us right? :)

The probably hour and a half drive we arrived at the house, it was totally sketchy (flag #2) but we went on in.  There were 2 baby girl pups and 1 boy, the boy had a hip issue so they couldn't adopt him out plus we knew we wanted a girl most likely, plus the pups were more like 5 weeks than 8 (flag #3).  David knew Whiskey the moment he saw her, I probably asked him a dozen times before I signed the adoption papers, "are you sure that's the one?", he always responded with "yes".  We scooped her up, paid a whopping $45, signed the papers and headed to PetsMart for a crate, food, know all the goodies. 

This is our little (well not so little now) Whiskey River the night we got her...she was so sad and scared and just needed so much love...

Lots of love and affection brought this baby girl to life...this is Whiskey around 6 months, she just melted my heart with her face...
Now, I couldn't imagine a better choice for a dog, we love Whiskey, she's only ever been away from us when we delivered the girls in the hospital.  She loves our babies and is so patient and caring with them (she's got a face licking fetish that I try to keep in check) and our girls love's a picture of Whiskey with Hannah probably around Hannah being 10 or 11 months...

When we knew we were having baby #2 (now Savannah) we knew it was essential to get Whiskey a partner of her own.  David didn't need another girl in the house so we looked into a boy this time and we found him through Bully Paws Rescue located out of the Fredericksburg area, his mom had been a seized dog when the police arrested the owner on a drug raid, she had been mistreated and bred several times over.  Thankfully this great organization took them in and raised her and her pups.

Titan and I met while David and I were actually looking at getting his brother Cowboy.  When I picked Cowboy up he was all wiggly and wouldn't love on me so I gave Titan a shot, and boy let me tell you, that dog chose soon as I had him in my arms he laid his head on my shoulder and just sighed like "ahhhh, this is home"...he's had my heart ever since.  He's a beautiful blue color with stunning eyes that are a yellow green, every time I have him with me I get nothing but compliment after compliment on how gorgeous he is.

Here's Titan as a pup and Titan on the day he and Whiskey first met...

Titan is now Whiskey's partner in crime, they love each other and most days I can't figure out if their relationship is more of a "mother/son" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" but they are happy and that's all that matters.  Titan also loves our girls and he really is a great fit into our family, we love him, we love them.  Our dogs are our family, they are an extension of us and I'm so grateful that these 2 amazing dogs get to be best friends to my little girls and teach them to love and to cuddle with them at night and lick every tear they shed.

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  1. Our dogs are part of our family as well. Love the names you chose. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms and now following on bloglovin. :)

  2. Thaks so much!!! Animals are so important in family! If you're on BlogLovin I'll lokk for you

  3. Awww so cute! She looks so scared in that first pic! Glad she found a loving home :)

  4. So so so cute!!! Just like me I always wanted a dog growing up, and finally I did once I was married. I'm also glad that my girls will know that bond with a dog and responsibility. Great post!


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