Weekend Recap


This weekend was a fun one for us both as a couple and as a family…Saturday morning my mom came down to visit us around 10 AM (which we woke up at just 10 AM…of course it’s the one day the kids chose to sleep in), she is heading out of the country to Germany for a post-birthday
celebration and will not be here for Hannah’s actual 2nd birthday so she kind of got her own celebration.

For those of you who don’t know, Hannah’s quite the water baby, always has been.  Since her first bath she’s really loved water and anything to do with it.  So since she loves the water my mom got her a ½ water, ½ sand play table, which is actually kind of useful since whenever we go on our back deck Hannah likes to go straight to the stairs so hopefully this will deter her from doing that. 

Along with her stand up pool/sand table she got some books, some major over-sized bubble wands and a gardening set (pink with purple polka dots) to help mommy and daddy outside in the yard…all exactly what I asked for…smart, practical and useable gifts.

After gift time we headed over to a local restaurant and had lunch…hubs and moms both had steak and cheese while Hannah and I shared chicken tenders (she eats more fries than the tenders).  For dessert my mom had brought a crazy chocolate cake, I mean this thing was chocolate on chocolate on chocolate with another layer of chocolate…and of course Hannah LOVED it!  Later in the “evening” David and I had tickets to a Orioles v Blue Jays at 7:05 (they were a Father’s Day gift from his mom), however after my mom left and we dropped the girls at my in-laws we realized the game had been moved to 4:05 pm…WHAT??  So we had to jump in the car and go…go…go!  

David and I have always said that because we had kids so early into our relationship and marriage (Hannah was born 11 months and 8 days into our relationship and 2 months before we got married)…that we really treasure the moments we get to just be alone and have some fun together, especially post-pregnancy fun where I can actually drink :)  We arrived at the game just a little into the 2nd inning, grabbed some hot dogs and a couple of beers and headed to our seats…as soon as we sat down the Orioles hit their 1st home run of the game!  Sadly, by the end of the 8th when it was a 7-2 lead with the Blue Jays winning we decided to leave and head to one of our favorite restaurants Don Pablo’s…it’s a Tex-Mex restaurant, David loves the Queso Blanco (white cheese dip) and I crave the chicken fajitas….YUMMO! Plus I had 2 $10 off coupons so we ate for dirt cheap!!

Since the game was early, dinner was early and we got home early so we hit the couch, turned on a movie, spent some couple time together then it was definitely bed time since we had to get the girls by 9 AM on Sunday.  As much as I love one on one time with my hubby I miss my girls like crazy so when we scooped them up on Sunday but since they didn’t sleep much at my in-laws we put them down for naps and David set up Hannah’s birthday present and when Hannah got up from her nap she was so happy, we even set up our little pink plastic pool next to it…like I said before Hannah LOVES the water!  She spent probably a good hour to hour and a half outside playing with her toys before it was just too hot for mommy and daddy to stay outside any longer, even the dogs were over the heat…they wouldn’t even get into the pool because the water got so warm from the heat outside.

We finished off the evening with some steaks on the grill, a couple baked potatoes loaded up and a nice romaine salad…pretty dang tasty, as was the rest of the weekend! 

Looking forward to another week…this week Savannah will be 9 months and Hannah will be turning 2…lots of blogs this week on those two subjects…have a great week everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Hannah sure looks like she's having fun in her wading pool and so does her doggie. :)


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