What's in my Diaper Bag - For 2 Kids Under 2!


I remember being pregnant with Hannah and watching literally 100's of videos on "What's in my Hospital Bag" or "What's in my Diaper Bag"...I watched them constantly comparing the bags, what was inside them and which items I could afford or already had from my baby shower.  I'm still slightly obsessed with these videos, but that's just the nosey in me :)

I always felt with Hannah that I over packed my diaper bag, I literally needed a bottle, diapers and some formula and I would have been fine so when we had Savannah I tended to under pack which made it easier to use one diaper bag for 2 girls.  Hannah's almost 2 now (2 in 2 weeks *sad face*) so all she really needs are diapers and a couple changes of clothes so most of what I keep in the bag now is over packing again for Savannah.

The bag I'm currently using is an Eddie Bauer diaper bag, I think I got it from Babies R Us or Target maybe, I can't really remember but I've only ever bought 2 diaper bags and they were never over $40 so it probably falls in the $25-$40 range.  Since I have girls obviously I needed pink but the grey makes it more wearable.  The outside of the bag has 3 pockets in the front, 2 slightly larger pockets on the sides and one large slit on the back.

In the front 3 pockets I keep the following...on the right side I have a comb for the girls hair (mostly Hannah's), a squeezable yogurt (for Hannah or Savannah) and if Savannah wants it I have a screw on spoon that attaches to where the yogurt squeezes from, this keeps it a little less messy.  In the middle pocket I have my wallet (Mr. Louis Vuitton - a gift from my husband, I love that man) this is in the middle pocket instead of inside the bag so it's always accessible to me, probably not the smartest safety reason in the world but oh well it works for me.  And in the left pocket I have some puffs for Savannah, these ones are the Sweet Potato flavor which she really enjoys.

The 2 pockets on the side are a little larger, on one side I keep a bottle for Savannah (sometimes I'll fill this with warm water if I know she will be eating shortly after us leaving the house). The other pocket is usually where my keys, phone, lip gloss, lip balm...it's kind of my mom pocket.

The rear slit or pocket houses a diaper changing pad (this one is from a previous diaper bag but it's so sturdy and the right size I couldn't part with it), a receiving blanket that I use as a burp rag or clean up rag, a waterproof bib for Savannah and a teether to keep Savannah occupied and play with (she's mostly a pacifier kid).

Inside the bag looks a little crazy but it's really not, it's mostly clothes (aren't they always the culprit of a messy space?).  Inside I keep a couple changes (usually 2) for each girl just in case of an accident, one of those outfits I keep in this clear bag which doubles as a wet or messy clothes holder if there are any accidents.  When we had Hannah one of the nurses gave me a goodie bag that had this polka dot diaper holder, I keep 4 diapers for each girl in this, keeps diapers from flying everywhere even if it only reads Hannah on the top (when she was in daycare I had to write her name on everything). Also to accompany the diapers you need....wipes, of course! Right now I'm trying some different brands so I've been buying the individual ones but I think I've settled on Huggies Natural Care for now, not too wet but get the job done and softer. A pink 3 portioned formula dispenser is for Savannah, right now she's drinking 6 oz bottles so each slot has 3 scoops of formula in it.  Finally, I have a little Ziploc baggie that I keep some Wet Ones for cleaning up messes or wiping down a table/highchair, some aquaphor, lotion, baby powder, diaper rash cream and lotion from (Aveeno). 

Again, I rarely have to us half of what's in this bag but I'm of the mentality "better safe that sorry".  However, as the girls get older I'm looking into creating a diaper/emergency/family kit in the back of our Jeep like the one below. 

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Once Savannah is 1 (in October) I have high hopes of being able to have the Jeep set up so that I can just have some diapers and a couple snacks and FINALLY carry a purse again :)

So tell me...what's in your diaper bag? Post a video, comment, reply with a blog post...I'd love to see, I'm still obsessed with these subjects!!!

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  1. My diaper bag (for my now almost 2 1/2 year old) contains a sippy cup, 2 pull-ups (just for emergencies or long rides because she is potty trained), a change of clothes, a sweater, sun block, a spoon, snacks (usually applesauce and cheerios in a ziplock), crayons and paper (for boredom emergencies), a portable toilet seat cover, a foldable pad (like the kind used on a changing table), and a roll of bags (for wet clothes or poopie emergencies). If her sisters are around (my stepdaughters 4 and 8 yrs old), I add more snacks and pack some box juices. I try to keep it real compact and not overpack. I bought a small black diaper bag from LL Bean that is really discrete and double as a regular bag. I am actually looking forward to the day when I don't need to take one anymore!

    1. I agree...I know as the girls get a little older I'll need some more things but for the most part I'm hoping I can keep it in the car like the post above in the minivan!

  2. Anonymous7/09/2013

    I think that emergency kit in the back of the car is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! LOVE it!

    1. I know right!! Her blog even lists whats in it. I'm totally copying :)

  3. Hi.. your post is really awesome.Diaper bags are look very fancy that like children.Bag should be very soft and nice.Thanks for this tips. Diaper Bags

  4. Hi where did you get your bag :)

    1. Babies r us. Its Eddie Bauer


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