Birthday Presents for Baby Muffin


Today, Hannah turned 2, I know, I know…I’m a mess but it really was a great day!  Hannah had so much fun even in the sweltering heat (it was 93 but felt like 107…CRAZY HOT!)…she woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to both me and David singing “Happy Birthday”, she didn’t really understand it but she was definitely smiling ear to ear at her parents singing to her.

Shortly after waking up we did PRESENTS!!  Her first gift was really a product that I received for review the okiedog Wildpack in the shape of an elephant, this is going to be Hannah’s own personal diaper bag from now on or my quick run out the door bag for both girls…I will have a review on the blog later this weekend.  After that she opened her new words book, Hannah loves books and these new ones we found with all the colors, animals and every word possible she would need to know.  Then we took a trip back in time as I had found her an etch-a-sketch…I mean come on, what kid doesn’t need one of these? I loved mine when I was a kid! David’s special gift to her was a Rapunzel hair doll which we quickly learned was a crazy idea after realizing the hair gets tangled very fast and gets all over the place…oh well it’s Hannah’s new baby and she loves it so that’s all that matters, mommy just might have to give Rapunzel a haircut LOL

Last but not least David and I got Hannah a Disney Princess Mustang…when we found out that we were pregnant with Hannah, David sold is Mustang that was his pride and joy to buy a more family friendly vehicle (our Jeep) and so it’s very cool that he gets to give her a Mustang for her 2nd birthday.  At first Hannah wasn’t too sure of it, mostly because she couldn’t reach the pedals but once we put a little towel behind her to scoot her up a bit she was going…going…GONE!  She even took her baby sister for a ride, which was crazy to see considering in about 14 years it’s going to be my worst nightmare when they want drivers’ licenses.  

Once present time was done it was time to suit up (bathing suit that it) and head over to Hannah’s pool party with my mommy group in our area.  We brought cupcakes and juice boxes for everyone.  This was probably one of the coolest pools ever in a community, it had a slope gradient so that kids could easily get in and out of the water, 2 water slides, water features and a covered relaxation area.  Hannah played in the water for about an hour and a half and let me tell you that water felt good in the hot sun but it also made for one tired and cranky toddler so once we got home Hannah crashed out for almost 3 hours!! I tried to get a nap in as well but younger sister was not having any of that!

Since all the cupcakes got eaten at the pool party we decided to take Hannah out for a birthday ice cream at Dairy Queen…here’s a couple pictures of her trying to force David to eat her French Fries...I love watching them interact, they are quite the pair.

For a 2nd birthday it was eventful, fun, loving and happy, all things I want her to have every year on her birthday.  Tomorrow is her party at Chuck E Cheese with our family and friends so that will be another opportunity for more pictures and another blog post (pretty sure this counts as birthday week for blog posts…sorry, not sorry).  Thanks to anyone who left comments here on the Blog, my Twitter or Facebook wishing Hannah a Happy Birthday, we definitely appreciate it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!

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