Petting Zoo!!


Yesterday I took Hannah and Savannah to the Petting Zoo at the Short Pump Mall in Richmond.  We needed a little time out of the house so we gave it a shot.  I really thought Hannah might get frustrated because she wouldn't be able to interact with the animals but she was able to which made me happy!  We paid $1 for a small cup animal feed.

We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes which I thought Hannah would lose it but she was surprisingly patient, which is a HUGE blessing :) Savannah was awake and in the stroller, again, for some reason they were both being so good and I was crazy surprised!  While waiting in line a worker came out with a baby bunny and Hannah LOVED petting it.  She squeezed it at first, but once I showed her how to pet it she really enjoyed loving on it.

As you can see it was a great day for us all, after the petting zoo we went to get some lunch with one of the other mom's from our mommy group.  I think we may try to go back later in the weekend with David since he couldn't join us but this trip showed me that Hannah might even be able to handle going to the actual zoo and seeing those animals.  I think there is a petting zoo at the real zoo so I'm excited to try that too!

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