#instahaul from Target


Ran into Target super quick for diapers, of course I picked up a couple other things too:

1. Ritz Crackers - I love having a sleeve of these in the diaper bag! They seem to help Hannah's car sickness and also seem to be a good distraction if he gets cranky in the car...so A+ for Ritz!
2. Fruit Snacks (Target Brand) - Hannah's had these a couple times and seems to like them and with her being a picky eater recently I decided to pick up a box, why not? Any calories are good in my book with a picky toddler!
3. Sunscreen - we went to the playground yesterday and I felt like crap mom of the year because I didn't have sunscreen for my kids. We just stayed in the shelter needless to say. I got the Coopertone spray kind for $8.99 on sale as well as the Neutrogena in the squeeze tube that was $6.99. Now I will have one for the diaper bag and one at home...mission accomplished!
4. I got Hannah some size 6 pink sneakers (not pictured) seems like she's just growing out of shoes quickly and the size 5 just seemed small. They were $12.00 so I think it was a good deal.
5. Last but not least a couple of the fruit squeezes from Gerber with yogurt in them. Usually I get the Beechnut from Food Lion but I didn't want to go into too many stores today, plus Hannah seems to like these too, a little switch it up!

As always I got a pack of Pampers Swaddlers in size 3 since both girls are wearing the same size diaper now it seems like we go through them a WHOLE LOT faster :) I made it out of Target for under $70 that should earn me some points with hubby!!

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