Savannah's 6 months...I cried


I cried because it means in 6 more months she's 1 year old and technically not a "baby" anymore. I experienced these same pains with Hannah and poor David didn't know how to handle my crazy irrational notions that my baby wasn't a baby anymore.

Savannah was not planned but she was a complete blessing! My previous pregnancy with Hannah was stressful to say the least but at least with Savannah I knew more of what to expect. However, I wasn't expecting her the day she came.

I remember making the 2 hour drive to the maternal fetal medicine doctor and feeling crappy as I did every other 3rd day I made this trip. I told the doctor I wasn't feeling well and explained all my symptoms, they simply said "come back Friday, if its the same we will look into it". I felt ignored but left, got in the car and left the doctor heading home. On the ride about 10 minutes away I called my OB/GYN office, told them the same story and they sent me to L&D saying "we will monitor for 30-45 minutes but you'll probably just got home". I turned around and headed back, after checking in and getting "hooked up" I noticed I probably wasn't leaving with all the nurses in and out.

Long story short, Savannah's heart rate was 195-200 (doctors prefer around 150-170) and my BP was extremely elevated. David was on his way from work to meet me. As he came in the doctor was saying "we're delivering today, in about 15 minutes". Hannah was still in daycare 2 hours away which meant David would miss Savannah's birth but that's life I guess.

After getting my epidural and taken to OR, I delivered a 6 lbs 2 oz baby girl that measured 18 inches long! She was beautiful and perfect. I was instantly in love. So today, I celebrate 6 months of that love, a consuming love that is endless no matter how crazy life gets. She's a true mommy's girl and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Savannah Grace, mommy, daddy and sister love you so much!!!

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