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One of the mom's I talk to on Twitter asked me to help guest on her blog by writing my Birth Stories for the girls.  Since my last post included the birth story for Savannah I thought I'd post Hannah's.  I love my girls and typing these stories takes me back to that exact day and moment and everything I felt for them and how much it's grown over time.  I can only imagine telling them about their birth when they get older and them seeing how emotional it makes me and hope that they know how much I love them and how much I anticipated their arrival into this world.

So here's Hannah's birth story, without further a due:

Hannah's arrival was probably the most anticipated in family history.  Her due date changed by a month within the first 8 weeks of telling family, she was a big baby in ultrasounds but a small baby when born.  I had prepared her nursery MONTHS ahead of time, she was due in July and her "room" was ready in April.  I remember obsessing for hours over who she would be and how much I would love her.  At about 28 weeks I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and needed additional monitoring at Maternal Fetal offices.  By 32 weeks I had been put on bed rest, which wasn't exactly what my work wanted but oh well, on disability I went.
At my 36 week check up my doctors decided my blood pressure wasn't going down and they would induce me at 37 weeks and 3 days.  It was nice knowing that I had a closer due date but I knew that came with it's own risks.  All I could do was wait for the date and see what happens.  We were given an induction time of 1:00 AM on July 19th.  The night before we packed up the bags, got everything ready, car seat an all.  We even had my brother in law meet up with us and we got David his celebratory drink as a "dad to be".  I remember walking out of the restaurant/bar and a girl making a snide comment of "she's so pregnant, why is she here?" and our waiter who we had told was like "don't be rude, she's having her baby tonight and she wanted to get her husband a drink".
We checked into Labor and Delivery a little before 1:00 AM, we had wanted a specific room but someone was in it already so we got settled into where I would deliver Hannah.  After being hooked up on IV's and Pitocin started it was just a waiting game.  I was less that 1 cm dilated so I knew it was a waiting game.  2 hours went by, nothing, 5 hours, nothing, then there was a doctor shift change.  They came in re-checked me, no change, well let's keep trying.  I was having contractions and to be honest I slept through almost all of them.  David told me at one point a nurse came in and asked "is she sleeping? no way, her contractions should be killing her". And there I was out like a light!
After the 3rd shift change my doctor came in.  She said we had 2 options, we could disconnect everything, let me shower, eat and sleep and start again tomorrow or we could go forward with a C-Section.  My mom had had a C-Section with me and she hated it so it was my last resort but I was tired and I so desperately with David wanted to meet her we moved forward with the C-Section.  Once the decision was made they told us it would be about 2 hours before I could go into surgery so I sent David with his brother to get some food. He was gone 20 minutes and when we came back they were wheeling me out!  Poor thing had to rush and throw on scrubs and he was sweating, worrying he'd miss the birth, which of course he didn't.
I cried so hard during the surgery, I was so scared, I just wanted her to be okay.  We were very thankful we did do the surgery though, while delivering the doctor noticed her umbilical cord was only 6 inches long! She couldn't have come out if she wanted to!  Needless to say on July 19th at 8:16 pm I delivered a GORGEOUS 6 lbs 8 oz 21.5 inch long baby girl named Hannah Lynn.  The chaos never stopped, of course I couldn't hold her so they sent David back to our L&D room while I got fixed up.  When they wheeled me back we had like 15 people in the room! Everyone couldn't wait to meet her! My parents, his parents, family friends, brothers and all so excited for this little bundle. 

The first time I held her I was shaking so hard from the drugs, I couldn't stop, I was overwhelmed with emotions. She was so perfect and little and sweet.  She cried and cried and cried and finally I said "it's okay Muffin" (that's our nickname for her) and she stopped crying.  It was like in that moment she knew she was mine and I was hers and it was okay to just "be" in this moment.
I've been blessed with both my girls beyond any comprehension.  They are healthy, happy and beautiful and so utterly perfect that it hurts.  Those are my birth stories and I wouldn't change a moment of either one for anything.  They make me and my daughters who we are and define my endless love for them. 

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