Quick Beauty Needs Haul


I had to run out to the store super fast for some small things last night and randomly found myself in the beauty area.  Actually, I really did need a new lotion so that was the only thing on the "list" I needed but I picked up a couple other little items.  Here they are:

1.  Jergens Body Lotion - this is for dry skin which mine desperately is.  I have been using the girls baby lotion but that only works for so long and I need it for them so I can't use it all up.  I've used this brand before but never this specific formula so I hope it works and isn't too greasy!  It was like $6.49 at the store so at least I won't feel like I'm wasting $ if it doesn't give results I want and I can use it on the kids.
 2. Pure Silk Shave Lotion in Raspberry Mist - Now I love anything berry flavored or smelling so this should be good and it's by the ever popular for me Barbasol brand so it should get the job done.  It was like $2.94 at the store so they it's a good price too.
3. Clean and Clear Daily Moisturizer, Oil-Free - I needed a face moisturizer for the day and since I use Clean and Clear face wash in the morning I figured I'd give it a shot for their lotion.  I think this was between $6-$7...I'd have to check the receipt.

 4/5. Dove soap and Dental Floss Sticks - These are just every day items for me, I love Dove and these dental floss sticks make flossing a whole lot easier!

So that's everything! Easy & Breezy!  I'll decide how I like the 2 lotions I got and update later about them :)

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