March GlossyBox Unboxing


GLOSSYBOX!! I mean this subscription service costs like $21/month but it's worth it, this month I got at least 4 full size products priced individually at $15/each or MORE! crazy and some of the products I might not have ever known about or used if it wasn't for this company. This was probably my most looked forward to subscription service and was very excited to get it! Let's break it down:

The packaging was gorgeous! The box itself is something to keep and reuse for gifts, even the interior packaging "stuffing" I'll be keeping.  The theme is Spring Fling, getting ready for spring and all it's beauty with beauty!

So here's what was inside...

Again, all of these products minus the hair spray were all FULL SIZE, which I think is great! I think samples are fun but sometimes you don't get a full feeling for a product just using it once or you don't appreciate it. So included is the following:

1. Elite Models, liquid liner, the one in my box was a matte brown.  The description says it's a long-wearing, waterproof liquid liner that comes in rich colors.  This was a full size at 2.5 ML for $15.  I'll definitely give this a shot, I usually wear black liner but brown could be a nice change and I've only done pencil or gel never liquid but I've wanted to try it.
2.  MODELCO, cheek tint and lip tint, in Rosy Red.  It comes in a little squeeze tube and again full size at 10 ML for $24...crazy!  I've never done a cheek tint and don't have a strong interest in it but using it as a lip tint would definitely be an option for me.
3. Pixi, Lid Last Shadow Pen in Brun (Brown). I've tried Pixi once and didn't like it but it was a face concealer so maybe their eye lid stick will be better.  I like that it's brown and can be used as an eye shadow base or a liner so I'll definitely be playing with this, mostly on my lower liner though. This was also a full size product at .16 oz for $18.
4.  Prestiche, essential oil bar soap. I've never heard of this company which again is one of the reasons that I like these kinds of subscription services because you learn about products you might not have known about otherwise.  This is an all natural bar soap with all sorts of healthy oils including coconut oil.  It smells really pretty.  I'm not sure if I'll use it or keep it as a "guest bath" soap.  Coconut oil is supposed to be good for my keratosis so I'm torn but if I use it or someone else does I'm sure it will smell awesome in the process.  This was full size at 125 grams for $16.99.  This also came with a $40 gift card for their products so I will definitely be taking advantage of that!
5.  Sebastian Professional, Shaper Fierce Hairspray.  I was actually in need of a good hair spray and Sebastian is obviously a decently well know name so I'll definitely be giving this a shot.  It smells like most hair sprays which doesn't surprise me.  It's a sample size and I don't use hair spray THAT much so it will be awhile to get through it but I'm looking forward to it's flexible hold :)
6. Illamasqua, this is an eye pencil in a nude type color but it's for eyes, lips and face which is unique.  I figure I'll use this mostly as a water line color in my eye.  Hopefully it will help brighten up the eye a little since it has a peachy tone to it.  Since it's a surprise in my box it doesn't have a price but it looks like it's a full size at $11.  I'm DEFINITELY going to be using this!

So that's my March GLOSSYBOX.  Can't wait to try out all these items and take advantage of that gift card I got too :)  Til next month there's lots of new stuff to play dress up with!

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