March Birchbox Unboxing


So I got my 1st Birchbox and it was for the month of March.  I wish I hadn't looked at all the YouTube videos for it bu every Birchbox is supposed to be "customized" so mine was a little different.  Here it is!

So in this Birchbox was:

1.  Madewell Embry Board, which I actually needed, plus it's floral and pretty and what girl doesn't like that?
2.  Serge Normant dry shampoo.  To be honest I've never used a dry shampoo before but I've wanted to try it and this seems like one worth trying so I'll give it a shot tomorrow on the 2nd day hair.
3. Whish Shaving Cream, I actually had my Birchbox and forgot about it so I shaved with my regular stuff but next time I shave (should be tomorrow) I'm definitely going to try it.
4.  Juicy Couture sample of "Couture La La", I've never worn any of their fragrances and I do find the little test tube samples to be annoying but I will definitely try it.  Especially for a date night. Although as a mom I try to not wear scents since I don't know if the girls have allergies or anything yet.
5.  Juice Beauty CC Cream, I've used the Garnier BB Creams and I really don't like them but these CC Creams are supposed to be for color correction under your make up.  I'll give anything a whirl once, I have a wedding coming up so it might be good to try it out that day since it will be during the day and hot and photos will be taken.

I will try to update on any of these samples that I use as I use them or do a full blog post on all of them that I do use once they are empty.  I like these little subscription services, seems that for the price you get good quality products that I definitely wouldn't have tried if they hadn't been sent to me this way :)

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