Old Navy Haul (Kids)


I went out to run some errands this past weekend before getting sick.  One of them was getting a spring pedicure but I totally left my flip flops at home so of course where do I stop? Old Navy! I mean who doesn't love their flip flops when they are 2 for $5.  I just got 2 basic pairs, one pink, one black.  But as always when I was there I stopped through the kids section and OF COURSE walked out with a few things for my girls.

For Savannah, she's in an awkward clothing place, 3 months is way too small but 6 months is still a little big and I'm not ready to buy 9 month outfits yet.  So I saw this cute white onesie with matching pants.  The onsie was $8.94 but on sale for $6 and the pants were $7.94 and on sale for $5.  I mean why not? It's springy and she looks so cute in yellow :)

For Hannah I found some super cute t-shirts of course as soon as I buy her t-shirts it snows but oh well.  There's a coral colored one that has lilac letters on the front says "Hello" and the back says "Goodbye"..precious right? There's a pink shirt that says BEAUTIFUL on it in different colors of magenta and white and the 3rd shirt is yellow and in pink words says on the front "I Love" and in the back it says "YOU"...ADOREABLE!  I bought them all in size 2T since she's sort of in the 24 month range for clothes...my kids grow at weird stages :)

I also got Hannah some pants, I got a pair of purple/lilac pair, they only have 2T and up so I got them in 2T so she will grow into them and it goes perfect with the coral shirt with the same color lettering.  I also got a pair of pink jeans to go with the yellow and pink shirt.  I got those in 18 mo/24 mo since she can really wear those right now but I'm sure if she looks good in them I'll probably go back and get them in 2T too.  The shirts were $6 each

Finally I just couldn't resist these adorable pink and purple flip flops and at the same price of 2 for $5 who would? This will be Hannah's first summer to really wear shoes since she will finally be able to run around and play so I can't wait to see her in these :)  how precious right?  The jeans were obviously the most expensive at $12/each but I think they are worth the price plus that's about normal for kids jeans at most places I've seen.

Well that's all for this Old Navy haul but I think I got some cute stuff and it was all like $63 total which seems a little high but if it wasn't on sale I wouldn't have got it.

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