Michigan & Ohio Visit


Well we didn't go to Michigan or Ohio but they came to us. Brandon (Ohio) and Dawn (Michigan) have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I met Brandon on Cinco De Mayo years ago and we were just a match from the start, literally the male version of me. Dawn was actually introduced to me by dating Brandon. I always hated Brandon's girls friends but Dawn I fell in love with. She's amazing, smart, funny and so just well, great! 

Since I got married Brandon has been traveling the world and being a globe trotter, where as Dawn moved back to Michigan to finish her grad work. The last time they saw the girls was when Hannah about Savannah's age now (7 months). I was so excited for them to meet Savannah and to see how Hannah had grown!  

Although it took a couple hours for Hannah to warm up she finally did and it was great! We had such a good time visiting with them, eating, drinking and catching up.  I only got a couple pics before they left because I was in the moment but I can't wait for the next visit and how different the girls will be again.  

Friends and friendships definitely change trough marriage and kids, however, no matter how far away or how long in between seeing each other, they are a part of me and always family. 

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