Old Navy Haul - Summa Summa Summatime!


So I went to Old Navy yesterday, with every intention of buying something for me and of course I walked out with yoga pants and flip flops for me and a wardrobe for the girls (well not really) but I definitely found some cute stuff for them.

For Hannah I've been obsessed with getting her Hello Kitty for some reason, even though she's totally on an Elmo kick.  Hannah picked out this Elmo t-shirt all by herself with the saying "Elmo Loves Me", totally adorable.  I also grabbed this cute Hello Kitty t-shirt with a red, white and blue theme to it, she's definitely going to be sporting this at our upcoming Memorial Day BBQ.  Finally, for Fourth of July, how freaking cute is this blue dress with stars and Hello Kitty on it? I mean it's to die for and she can totally wear it all summer but for the 4th it's just perfect!

The next thing that I found were these 2 rompers with a geometric print on them, one in orange and one in blue.  I've been having issues with Hannah keeping her diaper on recently, she will take her pants off and she's figured out the zip up pajamas and EVEN has worked the buttons on the onesies I was using to keep her at bay.  I'm putting my faith in these rompers that she won't be able to escape out of her diaper since it's all one piece and a little more tricky.  Plus, they are great for the warmer weather, and what mom doesn't want a one piece?  I might go back and get more or order more online to have as back ups for spills or accidents in the car and in the diaper bag.

Finally, for both the girls they really needed a bathing suit for the summer.  Last summer Hannah was almost 1 so obviously her old swimsuit won't work and it won't work for Savannah either so I actually ended up getting them both new swim wear for the summer.  Hopefully we can get one of those plastic wade pools from Wal-Mart, although we do plan on going to the pool quite a bit as well.  For Hannah I found this super cute pink with white stripe suit with a blue trim. It does that criss-cross thing in the back so she won't be able to take it off (noticing a theme here?).  Savannah I of course had to get the most girly thing out there, this pink and white polka dot suit with a tutu and flower attached work amazing with these matching sandals (and additional clear jellies as a back up).  I can't wait to get the girls out in the pool this summer and show off their absolute cuteness :)

The kids/baby section was having a 30% off sale until the 22nd so I'm glad I stopped in when I did.  I feel like I got some cute things and I mean Savannah's swimsuit alone is reason enough to validate this shopping spree :) hope you guys enjoyed and will get out there and grab some cute things for your kiddos!

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