Caleb's ONE Month Update & Pictures!


How is this little man one month old already?  It doesn't feel like he's been here that long but then again it feels like he's always been apart of our family.  I took some time the other day with the help of Hannah (she's such a great big sister) to get some pictures of my dude.  I'm hoping I can keep up with these monthly pictures.  It will be such a great way to monitor and view how much he grows and changes over his first year!  Already since posting this he's put on 12 oz (yeah, almost a pound in a couple days!). 

Mr. C is a wonderful little baby.  Unless you factor in he goes from zero to HANGRY in about one second.  I mean there are no visual cues that he is hungry...he just goes straight to hangry (hungry and angry at the same time).  So far we haven't gotten longer than two and a half to three hours to sleep at night but I'm okay with that sacrifice right now if it means he is growing as well as he is. 

It's crazy to think that he's also a three week NICU graduate as well, which we are very happy about!  We are so grateful that since leaving the hospital we haven't had any issues that have put us back.  He's breathing looks amazing according to the doctors. 

This little dude is obsessed with his momma.  He loves to snuggle and sleep on me and he's pretty fond of his sisters as well.  Unless they get up in his grill, then not so much.  He's definitely not a fan of diaper changes, like at all!  Mom is still getting used to dealing with boy parts with diapers but I am proud to say I've only been peed on/peed on himself two times in a month...go me!

Celebrating our first Thanksgiving together was amazing and we have so much to be thankful for.  I can't wait to share his first Christmas with our family and welcome to the new year of 2015 with our family so full of love!

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  1. He's a cutie and it looks like he might be a redhead just like his daddy or am I seeing things? He's growing up so quickly too. Can't believe it's been a month already.


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