5 Goals for 2015 & Repeats from 2014!


Last year around this time I posted my Five Personal Goals for 2014. Well as crazy as it seems, 2014 has come and gone (almost). We are in the final weeks of the year and as I reflect it’s been a really great one. There have been ups and downs but there’s been so much to be grateful for. I wanted to make this post to share what goals from 2014 I accomplished and what’s ahead (hopefully) for 2015!

My first goal of 2014 was a Financial Goal. This one was not completed. I’ll be honest and say that I started off strong. I got to about day 20 before I couldn’t keep track of what day it was anymore and got all confused. And as is life with a family the money went to something useful I’m sure, like a car tire or something. Now saving money is still my financial goal for 2015, I’m just going to try a different strategy. I found something similar to my 2014 post but it’s monthly instead of daily. I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier to track and to be honest it works out to be the same amount of money saved over the year which is A-OKAY with me!

My second goal was for my Mental Health. This was very important for me in 2014. I felt like the last couple of years, everything outside of my marriage had really started to drag me down. I made it a strong point in 2014 to take better care of myself mentally. This is a goal I’m proud I succeeded at. Now I didn’t do all the things on the picture below (like I definitely didn’t read a book a week), but I did cut out a lot of unnecessary stress and strain from life and relationships. I focused on me and because I was pregnant I allowed myself to not be consumed by life and tried to enjoy it. I realized that what I have is more than many people have or ever will in their lives and I focused on how extremely grateful I am for everything that makes me happy.

My third goal was a Physical Fitness one. This is one that I feel like I met in the middle. While my ultimate goal was to do a 5K, I failed in that area. However, with getting pregnant in February of this past year I took really good care of myself. Only gaining ten pounds during my pregnancy (where I’ve previously gained A LOT more), I was very proud of myself. I made better food choices and drank a ton more water than previous years probably. The best part about doing that while I was pregnant is that I’m now back to where I was pound wise (if not better) than I was when I got pregnant. This means that in 2015 I can really focus on getting my body back now that there won’t be any more babies.

My fourth goal is probably the one I succeeded at the most and am so proud of, my Charity Goal. In 2014 I wanted to do something for charity. So I went with the March of Dimes and March for Babies. All of my children have been born “early term” at 37 weeks so it seemed like the perfect fit. We even got a couple friends in on it to do the walk with us. Even though we started the money raising process a little late for the actual walk our total goal to raise was $500 and we reached almost $1,000! Now, since Caleb was in the NICU this past year after his birth, this is definitely a charity walk I will be doing again in 2015. I plan on starting the fundraising a lot earlier and seeing about getting more people on the team with us. I’d like to reach a goal of $1,500 for this year but if I get to $1,000 I’ll be more than happy!

Finally, my Selfish Goal. This goal was only going to work out if the previous Financial Goal had been met. But I like to think that I met this is some form. Throughout the year I took the time to buy things for me. Whether it was makeup, clothes or spa time. Now it definitely wasn’t any luxury purchases but maybe 2015 can make up for that.

All in all I think all of these goals are going to stay the same for 2015. But the biggest goal I have is just to be the best mom and wife I can possibly be. While I know I’m a great mom and wife, I know that I can and have been distracted from my husband and toddlers through my pregnancy and now having a newborn at home. Since everyone is finally adjusted to our new family of five, I want to focus on giving them all of me that I can. Enrolling the girls in some sort of activity like dance or gymnastics, raise a little boy with dope fashion sense and devote my time and energy to positively encouraging my husband (maybe even take a dance class or two with him!).

What are your goals for 2015? Did you succeed or fail at your goals for 2014? Are you going to be retrying any of them again like I am? I’d love to hear your stories!

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