Tiny Dancer


Hannah took her first official ballet class this past Monday.  It's really starting to hit me that she's a little less than a month away from turning four and it's starting to get to me.  She's no longer a "baby", she's a "big girl".  She's not a "toddler", she's turning into a "little lady" and every day I see more changes from personality to her looks.  Her hair is "so long like Rapunzel, mommy" these days and she is obsessed with ballet and dancing ever since my mom bought her this Barbie in Pink Shoes movie.

I could tell she was nervous for her first class but excited too.  I kept telling her she really needed to listen to the teacher, so much so that I think the first 30 minutes of the class all she did was watch the teacher but eventually she warmed up.  This particular class is only for five weeks, the perfect starter course for us to test if she really wants to keep up with it or not.

I'm so proud of how much this little girl has grown and I love watching her dance and her little outfit was too cute not to share.  I love you my tiny dancer, you are gorgeous inside and out.

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