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Recently I started back into really healthy eating.  This means adding more protein into my diet any way I can because I've been going a more vegetarian route (with the exception of fish/seafood).  I had seen all over Instagram some of my favorite Housewives like Kim Z. and Gretchen sharing a company called 310Nutrition.  The shakes looked amazing and when I got the invite to work with 310Nutrition I said YES!

Now, I was a little skeptical.  I had tried protein powders in the past but they all tasted chalky or had a weird aftertaste but I was surprised when my 310Shakes came in that the taste was lovely, especially mixed with some almond milk.  I'm still playing around with a lot of recipes and what I like best but I wanted to give you all some information on 310Nutrition and a coupon code for your next purchase!

So the best thing about 310Nutrition is that the protein powder they use has HALF the sugar of others on the market.  This makes their shakes great for diabetics and anyone who is trying to cut down on sugar (like myself). The flavors are yummy with options of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mocha, so far chocolate has been my favorite with a runner up of vanilla.  My husband has been enjoying the mocha since he's a coffee drinker and I am not.

I've been all over Pinterest and the 310Nutrition site pinning recipes on my page.  Like I said, I'm still playing with some of these but I will have recipes up soon on the blog.

This past Monday I got really serious about the eating portion of my new lifestyle and am using 310Nutrition shakes two times a day in my diet as well as once a day I use the 310Juice and I mix that with Trop50 to help cut some calories from regular juice.  The 310Juice allows me to get in all my probiotics and fruits in veggies in one drink which is awesome!  This is a great option for someone like myself who doesn't eat enough of either fruits or veggies (again with the lifestyle diet change).

310Nutrition has a couple options for those of you who would like to try their shakes or other products.  Your first option is to go to and get a free sample of your choice of protein powder and a 310Nutrition blender for FREE!  There is a small shipping fee of $3.99, but in my opinion it's totally worth it.  Your second option is to use my code below to get $10 OFF any product of your choice once you check out!

I'm super impressed with this company, their products and most of all my results (so far I've lost 3 lbs!).  I highly encourage you to check out and try 310Nutrition and all it offers and let me know what flavor you are going to try below!  Also, if you have specific types of recipes you'd like to see or have questions about how I incorporate the 310Nutrition protein powders into other meals let me know below.

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