Happy Birthday Titan!


Our beautiful blue pittie Titan turned one year old on June 13th! We love having him as apart of our family and my girls love him unconditionally.  He's just the most amazing addition to our family!  Please always consider ADOPTION before buying a puppy from a breeder.  There are so many puppies and older dogs in shelters and rescues that need loving and caring homes!  Plus it's usually 1/2 the cost of a breeder and they come with all their shots and spayed/neutered!!

Full Name: Titan Bocephus Roscoe Chevalley

Nicknames: Itan (eye-tin), Bo, Ty-Ty, Blue

How we met: David (my husband) and I wanted another puppy since we were having our 2nd baby, we wanted a 2nd puppy for Whiskey, so we went searching and we found Bully Paws website.  We saw a couple puppies we liked but then we saw Kyra’s litter and to be honest I wanted Cowboy.  We set up to meet with Mike and Malia at the Fredericksburg PetsMart to meet Cowboy, thankfully they brought the 2 other boys.  I picked up Cowboy from the cart and he was a WIGGLE WORM! I’m used to a cuddly puppy so I picked up Titan next and he just nuzzled into my neck and let out this relaxed sigh like “this feels amazing”.  I knew then that Titan was for us.  We went through the entire process and officially adopted him! We’re so thankful to Bully Paws for our amazing pup!

Date they came “Home”: September 9th, 2012…We had just gotten back from a family lunch to celebrate David’s (my husbands) birthday in NoVA and I told him I was running out to the grocery store for a couple items.  I was actually running out to grab Titan from Mike and Malia and surprise him for his birthday! Of course when I was gone about 3 hours he knew something was up…when I pulled into the driveway with Titan he couldn’t be mad…he just kept saying “I knew it! I knew it!”  Titan has grown to be a crazy addition to our chaotic family and fits right in.  He’s 100% a momma’s boy and a cuddle bear.  There’s nothing Titan won’t do to get to the next level of closeness with you.

Favorite Memory: Anytime I see Titan interact with my girls, especially Hannah (almost 2)…she loves that dog to pieces! She might chase him with her toys but she loves a good cuddle and kiss from her baby boy Titan!

Most Disliked Memory: When Titan and Whiskey (our older Pittie) got out from our back yard…the worst 8 hours of my life to date.  I was so worried about them.  Especially Titan since he’d never been away from us before.  Whiskey came home on her own about 3 hours later but it took a total of 8 hours to find Titan.  Mike was there to help David track him down in the woods, thankfully he had Whiskey with him because Titan was so scared he probably wouldn’t have come to us on his own but he loves Whiskey so much that he came running back to us!

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