0-3 Month Baby Essentials!


Back when Caleb was first born I did a Newborn Essentials post. I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the things I’ve loved for him (and he’s been loving) for the last three months. Some of it we have just gotten and some of it has been tried and true. It’s kind of hard to believe he’s getting ready to be three months old … I’m not really sure where the time went but I know I’ve loved every second of it and he’s just my best buddy in the whole world!

  1. There are just some outfits you see and you know “that’s my kid”. My husband and I agreed from early on that Caleb would have a pretty edgy style. He’s a sweet baby boy right now but momma and daddy wear a lot of black and white so I’m just drawn to outfits like this for him. I love that its long sleeves for the winter time keep him warm inside and the leggings are just about as cute as can be. I love outfits like this that have a hoodie with them (and I’m obsessed with this rhino one)! 
  2. I don’t remember the girls having dry skin like Caleb does on his face but it’s been long enough that I could have forgotten. Most lotions don’t seem to be working but a little petroleum jelly is really doing the trick. I use the thinnest layer right on his brow area and on his nose and around the edges and it’s really helping.
  3. Who the hell knew there were bib scarves (aka bibdana)? And where was I for this because I’m IN LOVE! These are my new favorite for Caleb. They have an absorbent backing but they don’t flip up in his face. Plus they make an extra cute accessory for his outfits (again, we have a lot of black ones).
  4. Our newest addiction, I mean addition is the Mamaroo from 4MOMS. This sucker is awesomesauce and so much more. Caleb loves it. The only down side I see to it is that it has a weight limit of 25 lbs but we are going to get a lot of use out of this bad boy for the time being.
  5. Along with the bibdana’s I’m loving accessorizing Caleb with baby beanies. I’ve got black, navy and heather grey which seems to cover most of the colors in his outfits. For the cold winter we’ve been having (no snow though) it’s great to keep on his head for added warmth.
  6. We used the same Chicco car seat with both our girls but I was thrilled when Mountain Buggy sent us their Nano Travel System for Mr. C. I liked that he had something brand new that was just his and of course the fact that it was black and brown (very neutral) was a definite plus. The stroller folds down to absolutely nothing (I keep it between his seat and mine, yep … it’s that compact) and the car seat is super light (5 lbs without baby)!
  7. Another tried and true for any baby is what I call a “sleeper”, some call them pajamas but I like sleepers. I prefer the ones with zippers to buttons, especially at nighttime when baby needs new diapers. But the snap ones are just as good too and this raccoon one with the face on the butt from Carter’s is a favorite (paired with a beanie of course!).
  8. Finally, Mr. C is officially teething. I don’t think we are close to teeth yet but I think the rumors are true that boys teeth faster than girls do. These teething keys are going everywhere with me including his pacifiers to chomp on but I love the texture and eventually (very soon) when he’s sitting up in a high chair they will make a great distraction toy while mommy makes meals.

What are some of your favorites for the months of 0-3? I’d love to here them!

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  1. I really don't remember because it's been so long but I do know that the Mamaroo did not work for us. Madison HATED it. I ended up getting the Fisher Price Zen swing and bouncer and she loved those. I guess those are my tried and true products for 0-3 months. :)

  2. HA! We have some of the same taste when it comes to boys!!! That raccoon sleeper is one of my favs too...I see alot of the ones you have on your son on IG are some of the same ones Douglass has too! We have to try these bibdana's out...I've seen some of your pics on instagram...maybe I will order a few!


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