New Year, New You Giveaway with Cool Gear, Inc.


So it's no secret that I love Cool Gear, Inc. as a company.  I've worked with them before (review here) and I continue to buy their products over and over again.  When something works for you, you just continue to go with it.  So when I decided to start in on my "New Year, New You" journey, I knew that I'd be looking at Cool Gear for some dope accessories for the hydration side to keep me on track.  What I wasn't prepared for was how dope some of the newer items they've added are.

Going along with my own personal health and hydration journey, I've been getting better about packing lunch for my hubby.  Not only is it saving us some mucho dinero in the bank pocket but it's also allowing me to help give him healthier foods for breakfast and lunch.  That's where Cool Gear and it's awesome new products are coming into play.  We are loving our Expandable Salad Kits for our lunches.  I use mine in typical "mommy mode" to pack healthy snacks that I want to keep cool for the kiddos on the top like carrots or berries and I can keep a salad in the bottom filled with goodness for me.  The best part is the included dressing container that fits right into the freezing tray so I get the right portions and no spills!

For my husband I use it as a sort of bento box (which they also have) for his lunches.  I open the expansion and can put in two of his favorite wraps that I make on the bottom.  I place the freeze tray on top and in his dressing bottle I put a mixture of mayo and mustard.  This helps to keep his wraps fresh and crisp until lunch time.  On top of the freezer tray I add some goodies like potato salad, celery sticks with peanut butter and other healthy options for him to munch on throughout the day.

We also love that we have more of the 16 oz Double-Walled Plastic Mason Jars for our hydrating throughout the day.  Keeping hydrated is very important and these bottles make it super easy for us to get our allotted water intake and more!  You can use it with the straw like I do or remove the straw and use it as a sipper like my husband.  I swear between these bottles and the new Brita filter I have at home we are drinking like fish these days.

Finally, this was the epic addition for my husband, the Expandable Cool Gear Inc, Cutlery!  My husband is super weird about eating off of silverware and most days I pack him plastic silverware.  I mean he's almost on the level of paranoia about it so having his own cutlery is about as awesome as you can get for him.  I'm telling you, I get sent some pretty cool stuff to blog about and review but rarely does my husband even take a second (much less a first) glance at it but these items from Cool Gear he is loving!  And if my lumberjack of a husband will use them, yours will too!  Of course being the color coordinated one that I am it doesn't hurt that all these products come in coordinating colors (we have ours in all green). Seriously, I haven't ever gotten a product from this company that hasn't received so much use inside and outside of our home.

Ready for the real fun?? Being the awesome company Cool Gear is they are giving me the opportunity to give away my own "New Year, New You" kit which includes all three of the items above!  All you have to do is enter below and cross your fingers to be chosen.  Should you not be chosen Cool Gear is affordable and all the items (and more like them) are currently in stock for order on their site.  I hope these items encourage you to do better on all health levels this year and for the future!

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  1. This is such an awesome giveaway! :) My husband and I are trying to eat better and pack our lunches and this would really help. Fingers crossed!

  2. Great giveaway. This would be very useful for keeping me on track. Thanks for chance!

  3. I've been looking at these! I may need to enter ;)


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