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Sometimes being a mom isn’t easy. Sometimes being a mom with three kids and trying to eat healthy isn’t easy either. I have a lot of tried and true, well tested and husband approved recipes that I love. However, it’s hard to venture out and try new recipes, especially when you have an extremely picky eater on your hands like me. I’ve found that recently going to the grocery store has gotten mundane. I’m buying the same items week after week, making the same meals and just overall bored with my palette and what I cook. That’s when HelloFresh came to the rescue!

HelloFresh is a weekly “subscription” service that delivers three chef picked and prepared meals to your door, no grocery store trip needed. I know, cool, right? Now, you do still of course have to cook but when HelloFresh sends you your weekly meals they give you everything you could possibly need (even a cute apron and cutting board). HelloFresh offers options for 2-Person and 4-Person meals. The only real difference is in the cost and in the amount of food you receive from them weekly.

HelloFresh was kind enough to send me a week of meals to try and I was super excited to see what recipes we’d be whipping up in the kitchen. Even my husband was excited. If he has all the ingredients, step by step instructions, it’s fool proof even for him. We received the 2-Person Classic Box which has two meat meals and one veggie meal (I only did 2-Person because the kids are pretty picky themselves and I didn’t want to waste food they might not eat).

To be honest, the price point isn’t that bad. I mean for what I normally spend on groceries in a week (around $125-150 including formula) I was pretty impressed.

2-Person (3 Meals/Week)
4-Person (3 Meals/Week)
Classic Box
Veggie Box (All Vegetarian)

I will probably only continue to get the 2-Person Classic Box for the $69/week because then I can hit up the grocery store and get just some basics for the meals the kids love like pasta, tacos, etc and still get new meals into the weekly mix. In the meantime HelloFresh has been super gracious to offer my readers a code for 40% OFF YOUR FIRST HelloFresh BOX! That’s a great savings on an awesome way to bring some new recipes into your kitchen that your family will love.

All you have to do is go to, chose the box you would like, select for how many people (2 or 4), enter your zip code, pick what day you would like your box delivered, add it your cart and click the box that says “Have a Promo Code?” and enter code EAT40 and BOOM, your groceries for the week will be delivered! We will be cooking up our three HelloFresh recipes all week so stay tuned for more details on the recipes, what we liked, what we didn’t, would I make it again and more! Let me know in the comments what else you’d like to know about these recipes and HelloFresh.

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